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An American company made 0.7nm chips: EUV lithography machines can’t do it



0.7nm chips

An American company made 0.7nm chips: EUV lithography machines can’t do it.

2 silicon atoms wide! The United States made 0.7nm chips: EUV lithography machines can’t do it.

When ASML’s EUV lithography machine was still worrying about manufacturing 2nm and 1nm chips, American companies made breakthroughs in another advanced lithography direction.

Zyvex used electron beam lithography to manufacture 768 picometers, which is 0.7 picometers. nm chips, which can be used in quantum computers.

The lithography system launched by Zyvex is called ZyvexLitho1.

It is based on STM scanning tunneling microscope and uses EBL electron beam lithography to produce a chip with a line width of 0.7nm.

This accuracy is much higher than that of EUV lithography system, equivalent to With a width of 2 silicon atoms, it is the lithography system with the highest manufacturing precision.

The chips produced by this lithography machine are mainly used for quantum computers, which can produce high-precision solid-state quantum devices, as well as nano-devices and materials. Precision is very important for quantum computers.An American company made 0.7nm chips: EUV lithography machines can't do it

The ZyvexLitho1 is not only the most accurate electron beam lithography machine, but it is also commercially available, Zyvex is already taking orders from others, and the machine can be shipped within 6 months.

The accuracy of EBL electron beam lithography machine can easily exceed that of EUV lithography machine.

However, the disadvantage of this technology is also obvious, that is, the yield is very low, and it is impossible to manufacture chips on a large scale.

It is only suitable for making small batches of high-precision chips or devices. , it is not realistic to expect them to replace EUV lithography machines.An American company made 0.7nm chips: EUV lithography machines can't do it


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Spongegirl Case: solving the viral sensation’s mystery




Spongegirl Case

Introduction to the Spongegirl Case

Welcome to the intriguing world of the Spongegirl Case! A viral sensation that has captured the attention of millions, this mystery surrounding Spongegirl’s identity has left internet sleuths scratching their heads. Join us as we dive deep into the origins of Spongegirl, unraveling clues, exploring possible suspects and motives, and ultimately aiming to solve this captivating enigma. Get ready for a thrilling ride as we embark on a quest to uncover the truth behind one of the most talked-about mysteries in cyberspace!

The Origins of Spongegirl

In the vast ocean of the internet, a quirky character known as Spongegirl emerged, captivating audiences worldwide with her whimsical charm. The origins of Spongegirl trace back to a talented artist who first brought her to life through colorful illustrations and witty captions.

Her endearing personality quickly resonated with online users, leading to a viral sensation that spread like wildfire across social media platforms. Fans were drawn to Spongegirl’s relatable humor and infectious positivity, making her an instant hit among both young and old alike.

As Spongegirl’s popularity soared, speculation surrounding her true identity began to swirl. Was she based on a real person or purely a figment of imagination? The mystery only added to her allure, sparking curiosity and intrigue among eager followers.

Despite the enigma shrouding Spongegirl’s creation, one thing remained clear – she had become an internet phenomenon unlike any other. Her legacy continues to thrive in the digital realm, spreading joy and laughter wherever she goes.

The Viral Sensation

The Spongegirl phenomenon took the internet by storm, captivating audiences worldwide with her quirky videos and infectious energy. Her unique blend of humor and relatability resonated with viewers of all ages, sparking a viral sensation unlike anything seen before.

From her humble beginnings as a small-town girl with big dreams to her sudden rise to fame on social media platforms, Spongegirl’s journey was nothing short of extraordinary. Fans couldn’t get enough of her witty one-liners and spontaneous dance routines that seemed to transcend language barriers.

As Spongegirl’s popularity grew, so did the mystery surrounding her true identity. Speculations ran rampant online, with fans eagerly piecing together clues in hopes of uncovering the person behind the iconic character. Was she an aspiring comedian hiding in plain sight? A marketing genius orchestrating a carefully crafted persona? The possibilities were endless.

Despite numerous theories circulating on forums and social media threads, the enigma of Spongegirl remained unsolved. As eager sleuths continued their quest for answers, one thing was certain – the impact of this viral sensation would forever leave its mark on pop culture history.

The Mystery Surrounding Spongegirl’s Identity

The enigma surrounding Spongegirl’s identity has captivated the internet, sparking endless debates and theories. Who is she? Where did she come from? These questions linger in the minds of her fans and followers, adding to the allure of this viral sensation.

Some believe Spongegirl is a regular person catapulted into fame by chance, while others speculate that she might be a well-known figure incognito. The mystery deepens as more clues surface, leading to further confusion and intrigue among online sleuths.

Her distinctive voice and mannerisms have been scrutinized for any hints or giveaways about her true persona. Yet, despite all efforts to unmask her, Spongegirl remains an enigma shrouded in secrecy.

As the speculation continues to swirl around her identity, one thing remains certain – Spongegirl’s mystique only adds to her appeal and ensures that the fascination with solving this mystery will endure for some time to come.

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Clues and Speculations

The Spongegirl Case has generated a whirlwind of speculation and theories surrounding the identity of the mysterious viral sensation. Online sleuths have been combing through every clue, analyzing every detail for any hint that could lead to uncovering who is behind the iconic character.

Some believe that Spongegirl’s origins lie in an underground art collective, while others suspect a well-known artist might be pulling the strings behind the scenes. The distinctive style and quirky humor fuel further speculations about possible motives and inspirations behind Spongegirl’s creation.

Cryptic messages hidden in videos, obscure references scattered throughout social media posts – each clue adds another layer to this enigmatic puzzle. As armchair detectives dissect every frame and pixel, new theories emerge, expanding the web of intrigue around Spongegirl.

Who holds the key to unlocking this mystery? Only time will tell as we continue our quest for answers in this captivating investigation.

Possible Suspects and Motives

As the investigation into the Spongegirl Case deepens, various suspects have emerged with potential motives for creating the viral sensation. One possible suspect could be a disgruntled former employee of a popular animation studio seeking revenge for being let go. Their motive may stem from a desire to expose alleged mistreatment within the industry through an unconventional medium.

Another theory suggests that an underground artist looking to make a statement about society’s obsession with social media fame might be behind Spongegirl’s creation. This individual’s motive could revolve around critiquing the superficiality of online personas and their impact on real-life interactions.

Alternatively, some speculate that Spongegirl could be part of a guerrilla marketing campaign orchestrated by a savvy brand or company aiming to generate buzz and intrigue among internet users. The motive in this scenario would be purely commercial, leveraging shock value to capture attention and drive engagement.

The range of possible suspects and motives in this case is vast, leaving investigators with a challenging task ahead as they piece together clues and unravel the mystery surrounding Spongegirl’s origins.

Solving the Case: Uncovering the Truth

The time had come to peel back the layers of mystery shrouding Spongegirl. With a team of dedicated investigators combing through digital footprints and eyewitness accounts, every lead was followed meticulously. The truth seemed like a distant mirage, but they pressed on, fueled by determination.

Piecing together fragmented clues brought them closer to unveiling the enigmatic persona behind Spongegirl. The suspects list dwindled as alibis were verified and motives dissected with precision. A breakthrough moment created ripples of excitement within the investigative unit.

As pieces of the puzzle fell into place, it became evident that the truth was stranger than fiction. Uncovering the identity of Spongegirl sent shockwaves through cyberspace and left netizens in awe. The veil lifted, revealing a story that captivated minds across borders.

The exhaustive journey to solve the case shed light on hidden truths and showcased the power of collective effort in unraveling mysteries that defy logic.

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Impact and Aftermath of the Investigation

The impact of the Spongegirl case investigation reverberated throughout social media, captivating audiences worldwide. As the mystery unfolded, discussions and theories flooded online platforms, sparking curiosity and intrigue among netizens. The sudden surge in interest not only boosted engagement but also shed light on the power of viral sensations in today’s digital age.

After the investigation concluded, a sense of closure swept over followers who had been eagerly following every twist and turn of the perplexing case. While some were satisfied with the outcome, others found themselves grappling with unanswered questions and lingering uncertainties surrounding Spongegirl’s true identity.

The aftermath of the investigation left a lasting impression on both supporters and Skeptics alike. It served as a reminder of our collective fascination with internet mysteries. And our insatiable appetite for uncovering the truth behind enigmatic figures that capture our imagination.


As we come to the end of this intriguing journey into the Spongegirl Case. One thing is certain – mysteries have a way of captivating our imagination and fueling our curiosity. The quest for truth can lead us down unexpected paths. Uncovering hidden secrets and shedding light on the unknown.

In every investigation, there are twists and turns that keep us on the edge of our seats, eager to unravel the enigma at hand. The thrill of discovering new clues and piecing together fragments of information is what makes delving into a mystery so exhilarating.

While we may not have all the answers in this case, one thing is clear.  It’s not always about finding closure but rather embracing the thrill of the chase. The journey itself can be just as rewarding as reaching a definitive conclusion.

So let us continue to explore new mysteries, embrace uncertainty. And revel in the excitement of unraveling secrets yet to be discovered. After all, life is full of unanswered questions waiting to be explored.


1. Who is Spongegirl?
Spongegirl is a viral sensation who gained popularity on social media platforms for her unique content and mysterious identity.

2. What are the origins of Spongegirl?
The origins of Spongegirl remain shrouded in mystery. With speculations ranging from a marketing stunt to an art project gone viral.

3. How did Spongegirl become a viral sensation?
Spongegirl’s quirky videos and enigmatic persona captured the attention of internet users, leading to widespread sharing and speculation about her true identity.

4. What clues have emerged regarding Spongegirl’s identity?
Various clues, such as location tags in her videos and similarities to known personalities, have fueled theories about who Spongegirl might be.

5. Who are the possible suspects behind Spongegirl’s persona?
Numerous individuals have been speculated to be behind the mask of Spongegirl, but none have been definitively proven as the true creator.

6. What motives could someone have for creating Spongegirl?
Possible motives include seeking fame or attention, conducting a social experiment, or simply enjoying anonymity while producing creative content.

7. How can we solve the mystery of Spongegirl’s identity?
By carefully analyzing all available clues and conducting thorough investigations into potential leads. It may be possible to uncover the truth behind Spongegirl’s persona.

8. What impact has the investigation had on those involved?
The investigation into Spongegirl has sparked curiosity among internet users and generated discussions about online anonymity and authenticity in digital culture.

9. Will we ever know who Spongegirl truly is?
While there is no guarantee that the mystery of Spongegirl will ever be solved conclusively unless she decides revealed herself publicly,

10.What lessons can we learn from the sponge girl case ?
The sponge girl case teaches us valuable lessons about online privacy. The power of viral content ,and our fascination with mysteries.



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Goscript: The Go language specification for Rust implementations





Goscript: The Go language specification for Rust implementations

The Anaconda developers recently released PyScript , a framework that lets developers remix Python code in HTML, which some call “JSP for Python”.

In fact, PyScript uses WebAssembly under the hood because it is built on Pyodide, which consists of a CPython 3.8 interpreter compiled to WebAssembly, allowing Python to be run in a web browser.

Coincidentally, the developers adopted the same idea to make Go also run smoothly on the browser.

The website supports running Go code directly on the browser side.

This is a Go playground. The bottom layer uses Goscript and is implemented through WASM.

Goscript is an unofficial implementation of the Go language specification, used for inlining or encapsulation of Rust projects , providing an easier way to encapsulate and call the underlying Rust code.

Like Lua is to Redis/WoW, or Python is to NumPy.

Goscript contains six projects:

  • parser:  Turn the source code into an AST, ported from the official Go code.
  • type checker: Based on AST for type deduction and type checking, it is also ported from Go official code.
  • codegen: Generate bytecode based on AST and type information.
  • vm: Run the bytecode.
  • std: Official library, ported from Go official library.
  • engine: Contains the native part of the official library, plus simple packaging.

Goscript implements almost all features of Go (pre 1.18, so generics are not included), and some official libraries have been ported. Check out the relevant test cases that have passed /tests .

Goscript project code:


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2022 Best Free VoIP SIP Softphone (PBX extension) on Android phone




free sip account

2022 Best Free VoIP SIP Softphone (PBX extension) on Android phone.

free sip account: There are many free SIP softphone in the past, but a few still keeps free in the Google play after one decade.

We have tested below free version of VoIP softphones ( Trust us! Don’t waste time to test others), which could be installed from Google Play on your Android phone.

  • Grandstream Wave Lite ( GS Wave in the past)
  • Zoiper
  • Linphone

Grandstream wave lite

  • Free
  • Free G729, G722 and Opus codec
  • Multi-account
  • Support SIP message
  • Support both Android or iPhone
  • Support “Internal intercom” with hand-free
  • Support the paging (force to turn on the speaker of Android phone when paging)
  • No Push Notification
  • Zoiper:
  • Free version with only one SIP account
  • Paid G729, G722 and Opus codec
  • Support SIP message
  • Paid Push Notification
  • Support both Android and iPhone


  • Free
  • Multi-account
  • Free G729, G722 and Opus codec
  • Support SIP message
  • Support Android only
  • Push Notification not working

Softphone recommended: Grandstream Wave lite

Grandstream is the famous company providing many VoIP products.

It’s surprised they can provide this free softphone with powerful functions , which usually need to pay or upgrade paid version in other softphone.

As Grandstream Wave lite in Android phone can always run the background, it could make your Android phone as a replacement of regular Desktop IP phone in office.

In contrast, Grandstream Wave lite in iPhone is always killed by OS when iPhone begins to sleep. Meanwhile, auto-answer or intercom/paging only works when iPhone wakes.

Highlights of Grandstream Wave lite:

  • Totally Free: No in-app purchase.
  • Free G729, G722 and Opus codec: very useful when cellphone singal is so good
  • Support SIP message:  This function is almost same as cellphone text message, but you may not receive text message from some banks or government institutes, like verification via text message.
  • Support Video call and meeting
  • Support “Internal intercom” with hand-free:  need to turn on this function on PBX (FreePBX)

2022 Best Free VoIP SIP Softphone (PBX extension) on Android phone


  • Support the paging (force to turn on the speaker of Android phone when paging)
    • Setting  ➡  Account setting  ➡  Edit Account  ➡  Auto Answer
    • Auto Answer: Change “No” to “Enable Intercom/Paging
    • Bluetooth speaker: You can connect android phone with a Bluetooth speaker for louder sounds when paging, but this Bluetooth speaker need to support phone voice.You can used old Android and Raspberry Pi to build home intercom/paging system


A Free Intercom/Paging system with Raspberry pi and old Android phones

Tips about SIP Softphone on Android Phone:

Low bandwidth codec:

As Smart phone use Wireless network connection either WiFi or 4G/5G, but might not be stable enough in places with poor signal. G729, G722 or Opus codec is recommended!

However, G729 is old technology, which may increase CPU’s load. The voice is actually lossy due to compressed too much.

Opus becomes popular recently years because it’s with ultra-low bandwidth, low CPU load and high-quality voice, so set Opus as the 1st priority if possible.

Text message

Many softphones support SIP message, which could be as alternative of  cell phone’s text message, but some institutions like banks or government don’t send a versification text message to a VoIP phone number.

Push Notification

Either iPhone or Android will kill the app in the background  to reduce energy consumption.  If the softphone was killed after display turned off some time, you couldn’t receive an incoming call.

Fortunately, software could be woken up via push notification, which replays on Apple or Google notification server and will increase developer’s costs. This is why free softphone usually doesn’t come with push notification.

Moreover,  phone consumes less power if using push notification.

However, Softphone on Android phone could be run in the background always, just consumes a little more power, so Push Notification is not a must on Android phone. 

Energy Consumption

UDP or TCP protocol

SIP softphone usually uses either UDP or TCP protocol to connect PBX server. TCP consumes less energy.

UDP is default in most softphones, so you need to change UDP to TCP in setting if your PBX server supports TCP protocol.

Keep softphone running in background?

At present, only Android phone allows software or other apps working in background always.

iPhone seems to allow it in a little more time, but still kill softphone in background after display is turn off  long time.


2022 Best Free VoIP SIP Softphone (PBX extension) on Android phone

This article is not sponsored by anyone. Just share our experience with interested one.

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