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The computer of the father of Linux broken due to ECC RAM



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The computer of the father of Linux broken due to ECC RAM after two and a half years of stable running.
Don’t be too surprised if the next Linux Kernel release is delayed, because Linus Torvalds, the father of Linux, had his computer broken. It’s not the AMD thread ripper processor that’s at fault, it’s the ECC memory.

Torvalds said that he has installed the machine and has been running stably for 2.5 years, but recently he has frequently encountered machine instability and even compiler damage.

Currently, Linus Torvalds is processing the code on a backup computer, an Apple MacBook Pro (M2 processor), albeit at a much slower rate.

When it comes to ECC memory damage, Torvalds should have a good idea. He planned to replace it as early as two years ago, but because the ECC memory was too expensive at the time, Torvalds didn’t want to pay the IQ tax and simply gave up.

Torvalds is certainly not bad money. In fact, as a technical madman, he came forward to criticize the ECC memory standard promoted by Intel more than 20 years ago, believing that it was just a trick for manufacturers to play tricks so that they could openly sell inferior memory chips.

He believes that ECC memory should be open to consumer grades, not just server platforms, but you have to pay higher prices because of the limited partnership of manufacturers.


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