Apple may hit back with EU on USB Type-C.

Apple is unwilling to change Type-C: report says iPhone may use portless design in the future.

Not long ago, the European Parliament has approved a bill to unify the USB Type-C interface on mobile phones, requiring that from the end of 2024, all new portable smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets use the USB Type-C charging interface.

Among them, of course, also includes Apple who insists on using the Lightning interface. Next year’s iPhone 15 will most likely introduce the Type-C interface.Apple may hit back with EU on USB Type-C


It should be noted that the Lightning interface can actually bring huge profits of tens of billions of yuan to Apple through high accessories and MFi certification fees every year. After replacing Type-C, this part of income may be lost.

Therefore, Apple is not willing to give up like this. Some analysis reports say that Apple’s switch to Type-C is just a transitional solution.

In the future, it will realize complete wireless charging and completely kill the charging interface.

In fact, in the past two years, Apple has picked up the MagSafe magnetic wireless charger on the iPhone and other products, which has already indicated Apple’s direction, and Apple can also firmly control the certification of wireless chargers and continue to charge certification fees.

In addition, Apple’s ultimate goal should be to make the iPhone a completely non-porous mobile phone. This year, the US version of the iPhone 14 has eliminated the SIM card slot, a big step forward.

However, this goal cannot be easily achieved, because regulations in many regions will restrict Apple’s efforts. For example, the SIM card slot can only be cancelled in the US version, and there is still a long way to go in the future.