Just last month, Canva co-founder and COO Cliff Obrecht said that for Canva users, social media is the biggest platform for posting and sharing their designs.

However, Obrett also stressed that Microsoft is not a competitor of Canva, the company’s main competitor is Adobe.

According to reports, OpenAI, an artificial intelligence company supported by Microsoft, has launched a software called “Dall-E 2”.

Adobe Photoshop: Microsoft Designer will be integrated with this artificial intelligence software.

Users only need to enter some text, and the software can automatically generate design patterns.

In addition, neither Microsoft nor OpenAI wants to have some content in the Designer design that should not be published.

Microsoft executive Benzer said that OpenAI will use a large amount of data training results to filter the pictures generated by Designer to remove pornographic and violent images.

In addition, according to Microsoft’s latest research and development results, Designer will be able to generate more varied and diverse patterns.

Currently, individual users can join a waiting list to get a preview version of Designer for subsequent releases, a Microsoft spokesperson said.

Once the software development is complete, Microsoft will launch a free version and add a premium version of Designer to two membership packages (“Microsoft 365 Personal” and “Microsoft 365 Home”).

Adobe Photoshop alternative: Microsoft released Free picture software Desinger

Adobe Photoshop alternative: Microsoft released Free picture software Designer.